Communications is a vast discipline. This is why we have clear focal areas and proceed in a targeted manner. From strategic consulting to success monitoring.

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Corporate communications:

Building trust with stakeholders is what corporate communications is all about – in good times and in bad. 

Tailored internal and external communications programmes help achieve corporate goals.

WICKPR: listens to you and creates integrated communications concepts – both for corporations and for SME. What our clients appreciate the most: Our concepts focus on what’s important – and leave out the faff. 

Media relations:

Personal equations with journalists and knowing how modern editorial units operate in today’s world are prerequisites for successful media work.

For information and messages to be received by media professionals, they must be appropriately packaged – both in terms of content and form. 

WICKPR: listens to you and takes care of your media work – addressing individual issues and products discretely and also functioning at a more general level as a media hub and port of call for access to media professionals. We organise your media conferences and media interactions, press tours and one-on-one discussions with choice journalists. What our clients appreciate the most: We know what makes journalists tick. And we have a robust and direct link with a number of media professionals.

Social media:

Today, social media is integral to any professional corporate communications programme. 

Increasingly, user-generated content in blogs or forums will shape the general public’s exposure and attitude to current issues. Many companies still shy away from using social media. They thus forfeit a tremendous opportunity.

WICKPR: listens to you and provides expert advice on social media opportunities and mechanisms. And supports you during implementation. What our clients appreciate the most: Our solutions, which are often simple and cost-effective.

Corporate publishing:

Formulating offline or online content is part of the craft of a PR agency. Often, it’s the subtle details that set superior writing apart.

What this mandates is immense curiosity and a genuine interest in the issue at hand, as well as the ability to set priorities and distinguish the essential from the inessential. And, of course, linguistic proficiency and sensitivity play a part, too. 

WICKPR: listens to you and formulates copy for your annual report and corporate brochures, for client and staff publications and for social media. In our capacity as a general communications services provider, we work with external experts to also assume responsibility for graphic design, production and distribution. What our clients appreciate the most: Our network of qualified and proven experts.

Live communication and event management:

Today, the digital and virtual world is all-pervasive. Yet the Internet and social media are no substitute for the impact and magic of direct, vital interaction.

Product presentations, shareholders’ meetings, oral presentations, conferences, congresses and company tours are experienced directly and leave a lasting impression.

WICKPR: listens to you and conceptualises all sorts of events for you, implementing them with select partners so that messages are received by target groups and enjoy sustained recall. What our clients appreciate the most: Our creativity and our budgetary compliance.